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Dream Holiday

Unique bonus for active members

Every year we organise award events in the form of a dream holiday. A rest, good atmosphere and wonderful collective are more than just an attractive offer and invitation to everyone who is fully devoted to the Ramissio Project. Travel the world with Ramissio and be one of those lucky ones too!

What are the conditions for winning a dream holiday?

During the competition, i.e. from 1 April 2016 to 31 March 2017, you need to meet the following condition:

Bring in new members to cooperate in the first and second line of the starting packs at the total value of at least 10 000 PV.

Attention: The starting packs of the 1st line have to be more than 3000 PV.

If you reach double of the amount, you can take your close relative for free!

(the total 20 000 PV, in the 1. line 6000 PV)

Good luck! 

Dream holiday – Spain 2017

Spain is a country full of beauty spots, rich history, fiery temperament, flamenco, virile toreadors and excellent wine. It has beautiful long sandy beaches and a crystal clear sea. Millions of tourists from all over the world travel to this glorious sunny country. Besides cosmopolitan Madrid, which is the residence of the Spanish king, every traveller will also be captivated by Barcelona in Catalonia and the charm of Gaudí’s architecture.

Who will take part in the 2016 dream holiday in Greece?

The 2016 competition is closed, and the winners were announced and presented with cheques at a ceremony of the Rise and Shine Event on 7 May 2016. Winners can look forward to a holiday in a charming location with a rich and long history, concealing the secret of human wisdom and beauty associated with many mythological legends and myths. The coast with it gorgeous beaches, sparkling sea, the wonderful cuisine and ancient monuments will simply captivate you. The dream holiday in Greece will take place in September 2016. Here is a small taste!

Where did dream holiday winners go?

Autumn 2015 dream holiday

Canary Islands

The autumn holiday for winners of the Dream Holiday competition took place on the island of Fuerteventura, which is the most beautiful of the Canary Islands. The best beaches of the entire archipelago are found here. See how our members enjoyed their holiday.


Spring 2015 dream holiday


Winners of the spring holiday were sent to exotic Morocco which is one of the loveliest, friendliest and most liberal countries of the Arab world. Three cultures come together here – European, African and Arabic. A remarkable country full of colour, steeped in the aroma of the local excellent cuisine which our members could personally experience and much more. See for yourselves.

Dovolená snů Maroko
Dovolená snů Dubai

Autumn 2014 dream holiday


Winners of the autumn dream holiday competition spent their holiday in the United Arab Emirates. Dubai is a truly fascinating place. You can find an ancient city here with small romantic streets filled with the aroma of spices and glistening with gold and a new city with the latest architecture, high-rise buildings and undeniable luxury. Our members fully relished this exotic paradise in the Indian Ocean.


Spring 2014 dream holiday

Cruise along the Mediterranean Sea

Dream holiday winners could enjoy a unique experience of a Mediterranean Sea cruise holiday on an ocean liner. They could take pleasure not only in views of Italy, Tunisia, Spain and France from the deck of the luxury liner, but also in the  gourmet dinners, theatre, pool, whirlpool and many more sports activities such as tennis, fitness and mini golf. Our members experienced this and much more on this fantastic holiday.

Plavba snů