Ramissio | Coverage of Event Rise and Shine 2016
Ramissio - přírodní produkty, které změní váš život k lepšímu
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Coverage of Event Rise and Shine 2016


A nice atmosphere and the joy of getting together

The annual Ramissio festival was held on Saturday, 7 May 2016, in the modern Congress Centre of the South Moravian city of Zlín. The beautiful day was lit up even more by the Ramissio sun cars, which began to arrive in front of the main entrance at around nine o’clock. Guests were slowly arriving, and with a look of anticipation on their faces, were approaching the roll call, where they received a small gift. Everywhere there was a nice atmosphere and the joy of getting together. Our foreign partners from Romania, Hungary, Poland, Slovenia, England and other countries were also in attendance.

The opening ceremony

At the stroke of 10 am, the Event Rise and Shine 2016 was officially launched. And because we are a company dealing with a healthy lifestyle, the commencement took place with some light exercise led by our member Martina Šárová. The warmed up guests were welcomed by the moderators of the ceremony – our director Mrs. Romana Plačková and Mr. Michal Karmazín.


Personal stories of Emerald Managers

The prepared program was really charged, with the first block consisting of personal stories of our successful Emerald Managers. The first presenter was Mrs. Mariana Kondrcová from Slovakia with her personal story on “How to build self-esteem and apply it in Ramissio”. It was followed by the story “My three suns” of Mrs. Pavlína Valentovičová, who shared her valuable experience with the guests. Another personal story with the theme “Harvest Time” was presented by Mr. Aleš Sehnal, who surprised the guests with stylish costumes and a humorous conception of his work at Ramissio. The last presenter was Ing. Denisa Plačková with the story “How to become independent and become a leader.”

Ramissio Glamour Product Introduction

The following program was devoted to introducing a new Ramissio product. The lights in the room went dark, the music began and snow-white scarves descended from the heights which an acrobat danced towards. Beauty, grace of movement, as well as power and energy radiated from the elegant performance that ended with carrying the new Ramissio Glamour product focused on female beauty. The product was taken from the hands of the acrobat by company owner Mr. Vladimír Drozd, who presented it to the audience. This was followed by a lecture on the new product from Dr. Mgr. Lucia Hronské, PhD., who described the effects of this collagen serum containing hyaluronic acid and resveratrol.


But that was far from all

After a great speech by the doctor, the lights in the hall changed to green and Shaolin kung fu fighters ran on stage. The guests enjoyed the wonderful atmosphere of eastern culture and wondered what the show would be about. Wicker baskets full of fruits hinted that it would probably feature more of the new Ramissio product line. And so it was. With a final movement, the experienced fighters demonstrated their sword and halberd on one of the baskets, from which Mr. Vladimír Drozd pulled a white bag out after a while and introduced another innovation – this time it was the natural enzyme Ramissio Impulse, a unique blend of fruits, vegetables, mushrooms, seaweed and other substances rich in enzymes.

The story about the search for a natural enzyme

Vladimír Drozd introduced the Ramissio Impulse product with a story, which involved his personal experience of wandering Asian countries and searching for the best enzyme in this vast area. The time and energy spent searching did not go to waste and all can now see and taste the result of this journey. Important technical information about the product Ramissio Impulse was again added by Dr. Lucia Hronská, thus ending the rich morning program. Guests moved on to lunch. They could choose from two different options with a combination of side dishes and a salad bar. There was also sweet candy in the form of fruit. For those who were delighted with the news, the natural enzyme Ramissio Impulse was available for purchase and the point value was used for a good cause.


Product and business talk show

After lunch there was a raffle where winners could get new products, promotional materials and other pleasing gifts. The afternoon block was launched with a product talk show, where guests shared their experiences about Ramissio products, how they helped them and what their favorite is. This was followed by a business talk show on which members advised novice traders on how to overcome obstacles and be successful. Among the individual talk shows, our Czech-Slovak-Hungarian member Ivi Angel delighted guests with her singing.

Afternoon surprise

And what was the surprise? We would dare say that no one really expected it. After an introductory video about the values and pillars of the company Ramissio built on high-quality natural products, an educational system, supporting personal growth and enabling financial freedom to all who dare to enter the Ramissio project, Vladimír Drozd quietly stepped up to the podium and to the surprise of all presented a truly acrobatic spectacle when he jumped up onto a balance ball, from which he shared his ideas, philosophy and the Ramissio way to the stunned audience. He also introduced Ramissio Balance – the designer ion bracelet with magnets, which is not only a stylish accessory, but is also beneficial to health.


The afternoon surprise continues

An energetic performance of athletes in sports aerobics followed, after which the sound of pan flutes reverberated through the hall and the guests breathed in the faraway culture of the South American Peru. All were in suspense of what would happen. Shots of the beauty of the Inca empire gradually moved in on interesting crops such as cocoa beans, purple corn, quinoa and algarrobo. What does it mean? You guessed correctly. They are the ingredients of another new product, the natural cocoa protein Ramissio Active protein, from which Vladimír Drozd mixed a delicious smoothie right on stage, that guests could also taste.

But that’s still not all!

Along with the product Ramissio Active, Vladimír also introduced the secret of his energy and strength. Guar candies with maca root, which provides energy and stimulates the mind. If you are counting correctly, you have just found out that at Event Rise and Shine 2016 not just one new product was introduced, but an incredible 4 new Ramissio products were introduced. To the astonished audience, Brazilian dancers, with a temperament belonging to the Latin American dance samba, suddenly ran out and even got our friendly moderators dancing. :)


A ceremony in the late afternoon

The next item on the agenda was relaxation in the form of a coffee break, where guests could freshen up with coffee or tea and enjoy some sweet buns or Ramissio cake. After the break for refreshments a presentation of business news followed and the newly launched website www.ramissio.com was introduced. Afterwards, there was a motivational lecture entitled “Ignition”, which was handled by Mr. Michal Karmazín. The motivated audience was fascinated by the beautiful music of the Romanian opera singer Lavinia Bocu, who launched the ceremony, namely the awarding of newly promoted members. All new members in the positions M1 to M5 came to the stage for badges and other gifts. At the end, the new Diamond Director was announced, Mr. Norbert Hájek.

Ramissio Falcon

When the guests thought that the surprises were really over, Mr. Vladimír Drozd stepped back on the podium again and presented the project Ramissio Falcon with a live falcon on his hand. It is a charity project, which was established to financially support a good cause. All participants had the opportunity to feel the massive energy and strength which the falcon carries inside itself and take a picture with it in the foyer.


The climax of the ceremony

After a brief pause, the ceremony continued with the announcing of the half year defensive bonus, in which 3% of the world’s six-month turnover will be redistributed. Furthermore, all those who hold public presentations and are entitled to a share of the Bonuses for presenters were also honored. The final parts of the Ramissio festivities were slowly reached, in which the new owners of sun cars were awarded. After the video trailer, a big ovation was given for the handover of the first Ramissio Porsche to lucky owner Mr. Michal Karmazin! The highlight of the ceremony was the announcement of a new destination for a dream holiday, which became the fiery and spirited Spain.

The final program

Everyone moved on to a delicious dinner, full of impressions after which they danced in the Ramisso ball, again led by our Ramissio trainer Martina Šárová and during which the band Event Jazz Trio played. Those who still could not get enough of Event Rise and Shine stayed up until midnight and danced to the accompaniment of DJ Chosé. We enjoyed the Event Rise and Shine very much and we are looking forward to the date of 13 May 2017. Why? Because on this date the next Event Rise and Shine will be held in the sunny Congress Centre in Zlín. And it won’t just be any event, because it will be a Jubilee 5th anniversary of Ramissio!