Ramissio | Ramissio Detox
Ramissio - přírodní produkty, které změní váš život k lepšímu
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Ramissio Detox

Clean your body and internal organs from harmful toxins

Detoxification plasters Ramissio Detox help speed up the natural process of detoxification and harmonizes blocked neural pathways in our body. Many centuries ago, people from East Asia discovered helpful effects of wood vinegar and examined the feet reflex points. The combination of ingredients in Ramissio Detox plasters was influenced by the Eastern philosophy and its effects support blood circulation, absorb harmful toxins from the body and relieve a tired organism.


Wood vinegar extract, plant fiber, dextrin, tourmaline, carapace powder, vitamin C, lavender extract.


Adhere the extract powder bag to the middle of the adhesive plaster, cleanse the affected area before use. Use before sleep (leave at least for 6-8 hours) and remove next morning. Place the plaster directly on the painful area, such as foot, neck, shoulder, elbow, waist or knee. To enhance its efficiency, place plaster on the respective sole reflection area as well.