Ramissio | Advanced stage of lung cancer
Ramissio - přírodní produkty, které změní váš život k lepšímu
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09 Jun Advanced stage of lung cancer

“My name is Miroslav Masopust, I come from České Budějovice, I am 60 years old and it is true that I have been a passionate smoker all my life. It was January 2015, when my health condition deteriorated and the doctors made the unfortunate and serious diagnosis of the advanced stage of lung cancer. My hopes decreased because my father and grandfather had the same diagnosis and I was already coming to terms with the fact that our family was prone to cancer. The head physician of the České Budějovice Faculty Hospital confirmed the seriousness of the situation and genuinely prepared me for arranging everything that was necessary because I apparently only had a few days left, a maximum of a couple of weeks of life. With this information I automatically underwent standard chemotherapy, and at the time when I was receiving radiation I met my long-time friend, Mrs. Věra, which first told me about Ramissio products. Based on my trust in her and that I had nothing left to lose, I decided to try a combination of Ramissio Goji + Ramissio Immunity which Mrs. Věra had recommended. The results came quickly which is something I had no longer hoped for. At the next check-up in the hospital they discovered that my blood test results had returned to normal and the tumour in my lungs had shrunk by 2 thirds (!!), and the last bit had become encased and it seems that it could also disappear. And this was also the reason why I no longer had any more radiation. But this is not all. Not only has a further 10 months passed since January and I was supposed to have long since been gone, but I feel totally fine, full of strength and relaxed, and I believe that I still have another 15-20 years of life and I’m fully certain that a great amount of credit goes to the Ramissio products as well as Mrs. Věra, who got me to take them :) Based on these experiences with Ramissio products, I have since been a living and walking Ramissio advert and this is also the reason why my whole family takes Ramissio products and I recommend them everywhere I go. I’m not bothered about any commission or profit, I’m not interested in any business – I only wish that my family does not have to face what I had to, and so I guide them towards prevention which is important in today’s style of life.”

The blood test results were back to normal and the tumour in the lungs had shrunk!


Miroslav Masopust / 60 let – cancer patient