Ramissio | Brain tumour
Ramissio - přírodní produkty, které změní váš život k lepšímu
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20 Jun Brain tumour

“I would like to share my news with Ramissio. A friend recommended it to my husband in December of last year (2014) who has a brain tumour, it is not malignant but is causing a lot of trouble; he has gone blind and undergone radiation at oncology. He had problems with food, drinking regime, fatigue and took a lot of drugs. For the stomach, thyroid gland, pain and depression. Altogether 8 drugs daily into the body which was just not used to it. I and my husband were highly sceptical and did not really believe in it, but said we had nothing to lose by trying. After one bottle of Goji we were surprised by its effects. He had just been hospitalised at a hospital where I gave him Goji regularly without the staff of doctors and nurses knowing. He had blood tests and when I found out at the hospital that his medication had been reduced, some had been stopped, he was drinking and eating better, it was a great surprise. After being discharged, my husband is insatiable, eats constantly and is more active, he is no longer so sleepy and even sits up and plays games with us. And what is so wonderful he had short-term eye sight. We are continuing with another pack of Ramissio Goji and waiting for further positive results.”

We have replaced drugs with Ramissio Goji juice.


Markéta and Čeněk Knopp