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Ramissio - přírodní produkty, které změní váš život k lepšímu
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Močový měchýř

20 Jun Bladder infections

"First I must stress that Ramissio Detox Plasters are little miracle which I can confirm thanks to multiple examples. I have been prone to problems with bladder infections. I decided to test the power of Detox plasters and only 2 nights of use of Ramissio...

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20 Jun Digestive problems and diabetes

"Since the spring 2014 we both have been using all of the products of Ramissio supplements range. And honestly we both feel absolutely fantastic. Both me and my wife now know what works best for us and when. When I feel I sinned too much...

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19 May Quick regeneration of a fracture

"I am a mother of 4 children and I can say that I am a healthy person. I have been engaged in aromatherapy, therapeutic massages, therapeutic cosmetics and nutrition for 20 years now. Originally I was a food laboratory technician. In my work and private...

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