Ramissio | Despite the risk to my life I stopped taking all drugs
Ramissio - přírodní produkty, které změní váš život k lepšímu
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21 Jun Despite the risk to my life I stopped taking all drugs

My name is Mária Horáková. In February 2009 I had a strong asthmatic attack that turned into pneumonia and having barely recovered in June I had another attack, high glycemia, in September I noticed that my vision was weaker (I have genetic damage of the optic nerves), I went to the optician to get stronger lenses, but the optician told me there was nothing stronger I could have. Because I could not read anything, I ended up using low vision aids for virtual blindness, with a driving ban and on immediate sickness leave. It deteriorated from day to day and before Christmas I was seeing everything through a thick fog. Mentally exhausted, physically incapacitated, I ended up in February 2011 at the sleep laboratory of the Neurology Department of the Faculty Hospital in Kateřinská (Prague), where it was found that my breathing stopped 78 times during an average hour of sleep, i.e. every ¾ of a minute! Suddenly I had a life-threatening condition. The General Health Insurance Company approved that I should be provided with a CPAP Resmed sleep apnea device within a month. In March 2014 my right leg opened up leading to pain and further chemical medication. Based on the diagnosis, I was receiving the following medication every day:

  1. Neuropathy of the nerve endings – 3×1 Pramingen + 1x Madopar at night
  2. Asthma – 3x Fomoent, 1x Seebri at night, 3x Ambrosan, 2-3x Berodual
  3. Heart arrhythmia – 1x Tenornin
  4. Diabetes – 1x Glyclada
  5. Venous leg ulcer – 4x Detralex
  6. Sleep apnea – CPAP sleep apnea device
  7. Virtual blindness – no medication, irreversible condition


Desperate and depressed, I suffered a total collapse in terrible pain at the neurologist. I decided to end all current treatment and stop taking all the chemical drugs. In April 2014 I made a final attempt at saving my life. I registered with Ramissio and borrowed 1 bottle of Goji.

Thanks to Ramissio I got rid of about 600 medicaments a month, senseless visits to doctors, great pain, stress and helplessness as well as apathy. Furthermore, by drinking food supplements and applying patches in a year this helped to treat the above points 2 to 5 (asthma, heart arrhythmia, diabetes, venous leg ulcer). And that is a hell of a lot. I am still struggling with the neuropathy and the CPAP will stay for the rest of my life.

I consumed the Goji as though it was soup straight from the bottle 5-6x daily. After drinking it I felt a slight relief after 15 minutes, but after 3 hours the pain returned and I drank from the bottle again. I did not sleep for 3 nights. I ask myself why? Don’t drink it at night, was the answer. It is easy for someone to say this when the worst time for me is the evening, oh well, I would try to endure it, at least the Goji would last before receiving the medium starting pack which contained all the products. I began with the Goji in the morning, after lunch the Revitalize, in the evening the Royal, and the Detox patch at night.

In 3 months time my leg had closed up. I felt as though I was in heaven, I did miss the drugs and I did not go to the doctor. The table check of the complete internal examination on 30 September 2014 showed a strong reversal in the level so I was probably healthy. Before taking the Ramissio products I was paralysed a lot even for 3 – 4 days, mostly in terms of mobility. Now I feel good. Without the Ramissio Royal collagen I could not endure for more than 7 days, I managed to endure not taking Goji for 5 weeks, however I was a different person and it took 14 days with 50 ml doses for my life to return to normal and to what I was accustomed to.

Nobody will give you any instructions about how much and what to choose and take. However, recommended doses are not enough for a person who is sick. If you want to treat an illness and improve your condition, you must find your own way. I think the recommended doses are good prevention for a healthy body which urgently needs nutrients which cannot be bought from any market. Because ordinary foods do not contain a sufficient amount of nutrients, it is simply a “hunger plug”. For me the primary basis are all Ramissio products. I really need them so I need to pay for them. I can buy the plug from farmers to such an extent so I do not feel hungry.

So in what other way did Ramissio help me? It helped me a lot as well as what I did not treat. My sight has improved. I can see colours, buildings, objects, figures which helps me a lot to find my way around in a space. I may not be able to distinguish faces across a table and cannot read without using a magnifying glass, but the cataract has not deteriorated after a year, but seems to be better. Since March 2015 I have been walking carefully, without using a stick, and this probably due to the Goji and Royal. The venous and lymphatic ring is being treated well with the Revitalize, Royal and the Detox patches, the breathing and the rest I have left to the beta glucans in the Immunity product. Something, but I don’t know what, has adjusted the long-term sugar level to normal. I am still treating the arm and leg neuropathy. But what can I expect after 18 months? I know that there is still a lot to do, but I dare anyone to interfere with my Ramissio products!


I have stopped taking all drugs and I am treating my health problems with Ramissio products.


Mária Horáková

Mária Horáková


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