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20 Jun Migraines

“For more than four years I struggled with persistent migraines. These were not just occasional mild headaches. I always had a strong pain on one side of my head, and the pain was accompanied by vomiting and as time went on I lost the vision in one eye. This condition sometimes lasted for two days. During the migraine attacks I was virtually unable to function normally and I had a small child at home. Firstly I tried to deal with the situation by taking drugs – about every 2 months I received new drugs from the neurologist. However, the migraine did not disappear; instead I began having stomach problems. I underwent two gastroscopies, but these did not show that there was any problem. The stomach problems were being caused by the drugs I was taking for the migraine. So this was a vicious circle. The last stage of the migraine treatment meant having to have injections. I received them from the doctor and recommended that always when the migraine would start I should find somebody to apply the injection. That was the moment when I began an intensive search for something else – a natural (alternative) way. I visited a healer repeatedly and began to take aloe vera (especially for the stomach) and got to know products of traditional Chinese medicine in the form of detox teas. The result was that it settled my stomach, but the migraine continued with up to two attacks a week. At this time I got to know about goji in the form of non-pasteurised cold pressed juice. I was intrigued by its preventive effects in optimising blood pressure and preventing type II diabetes. How wonderful it was to discover that by taking 25ml Ramissio Goji daily on a regular monthly basis the migraine attacks stopped. I am happy to say that has been the case for 3 years now. Our whole family has included Ramissio Goji in its daily diet. My 11 and a half year-old son has not been sick for more than 2 years, my 82 year-old father has not had a flu jab for three years now and is fit. Goji is a vitamin, energy and mineral bomb and each one of our bodies will take what it needs from it!”

By taking Ramissio Goji the migraine attacks stopped.


Ing. Ivana Doležalová