GoPay payment gateway terms and conditions

The payment methods are connected to the GOPAY s.r.o. payment gateway, which provides secure online payment processing technology. Payment card numbers, credit card numbers and e-banking passwords are entered via the GOPAY s.r.o. encrypted channel. GoPay handles payment card data according to the international PCI-DSS Level 1 security standard (this is the highest level of data security in the payment card processing sector). The customer is informed about these rules of recurring payments in the service order and in the order confirmation email. By paying for the service by credit card, the customer gives consent to authorize the card used to automatically charge payments for products ordered in future periods. By paying for the product(s) by credit card, the customer consents to the storage of payment information on the GoPay side of the payment gateway. The Customer's consent to recurring payments lasts for the duration of the Ramissio Club membership or until recurring payments are terminated at the Customer's request by setting the recurring order cancellation setting in the User's account at

The price of products in the Ramissio Club may change during the period of recurring payments if the order is modified by the customer, thereby granting consent to a different amount for that order. The recurring payment period is variable between 1-30 days. Information about the exact date and the exact amount of the next payment is displayed for the customer after logging into his user account in the "Orders" section. Invoices for payments made are emailed to the customer when the order is on its way. In the event of a failed charge to the card, an email will be sent to the customer stating that payment has not been made and instructions on how to proceed in this situation. The customer may authorize a different payment card for recurring payments than the one used up to that point (e.g., in a situation where the card expires). The customer will be charged CZK 1 to verify the new card.

The customer can terminate recurring payments, including membership in the Ramissio Club, at any time free of charge by logging in to their user account in the "Orders" section or by contacting the seller by email at In case of cancellation in writing, the customer must contact the retailer at least 2 working days before the scheduled date of deduction of payment for the next period. Otherwise, the Seller is not obliged to cancel the upcoming payment. Upon termination of the Ramissio Club membership, the customer forfeits all benefits associated with the membership, including the guaranteed price. However, membership can be renewed and continued at any time free of charge. However, a new order may be subject to different benefits and pricing terms in effect at the time of the order. Recurring payments are technically handled by GoPay's payment gateway, which handles the customer's payment card data in accordance with the international PCI DSS Level 1 security standard (the highest level of data security in the payment card processing sector). Information is communicated via the website or other information channels, usually by email. The Seller reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions. Each new version of the Terms and Conditions is available on the website and is marked with the effective date. All orders are always subject to the current version of the Terms and Conditions.