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S Ramissio Glamour zpomalíte přirozené stárnutí své pokožky. Jde o vysoce účinné sérum s kyselinou hyaluronovou zabraňující projevům stárnutí pleti. Jeho jedinečnost spočívá ve vysokém obsahu 100% čistého kolagenu z ryb. Balení obsahuje 7×50 ml.
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Ramissio Glamour

An effective serum for a youthful appearance

Ramissio Glamour is an effective serum that helps to prevent signs of natural skin ageing.  It is unique in that it contains 100% pure hydrolysed fish collagen with 12 000 mg in a single dose, which makes it the best on the market. In combination with hyaluronic acid and resveratrol it provides the skin with maximum hydration, suppresses the symptoms of ageing, stimulates the growth and strength of hair, lashes and nails, and helps in weight loss.


Demineralized water, fish collagen (12000 mg / 50 ml), erythritol, xylitol, citric acid, aroma (peach, orange), pectin, malic acid, sodium citrate, hyaluronic acid (25 mg / 50 ml), resveratrol (5 mg / 50 ml), apple polyphenol.


50 ml


Unsurpassed hydration and softness

Hyaluronic acid is a natural part of the human body. It fills up and cushions the joints and is the main constituent of our skin, making it beautifully smooth and firm. As well get older, hyaluronic acid slowly fades from the body and our skin starts to wrinkle. However, we can prevent this by taking a suitable supplement. One of the most important biological properties of this acid is its ability to preserve moisture in the skin – one gram can bind up to 6 litres of water, far more than any other natural substance. Even in old age it can keep the skin as hydrated and soft as possible. Hyaluronic acid helps prevent the formation of wrinkles and to keep you looking young and fresh.

Even more collagen

One of the main building proteins in the body is collagen. Its task is to keep the skin supple and the skin structure as good as possible while preventing it from dehydrating, to minimise wrinkles and continuously regenerate skin cells. After the age of around 25 the amount of collagen in the skin falls by approximately 1.5 % per year; after the age of 40 it is not created at all, which is why it should be supplemented in order to keep our skin healthy, supple and wrinkle-free. As the body’s collagen declines, cellulite forms in the body, the skin starts to become dry and nails and hair lose their shine. To put it simply, the irreversible ageing process is starting. Our effective Ramissio Glamour serum contains 12 000 mg of live, biologically active hydrolysed and 100% pure fish collagen in a single dose.


Ramissio Glamour

Our collagen serum containing hyaluronic acid and resveratrol suppresses mimic wrinkles, renews the creation of collagen and elastin and generally has an anti-ageing effect.

Try Ramissio Glamour

Effective serum containing collagen, hyaluronic acid and resveratrol