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Prožijte den bez bolestí a parazitů s přírodními hřejivými náplastmi Ramissio Strips. Náplasti vám dodají okamžitou úlevu od bolesti svalů, kloubů a zad. Využijte sílu přírodních látek ke svému uzdravení. Balení obsahuje 10 ks náplastí.
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Ramissio Strips

Live without pain

Ramissio Strips natural warming plasters are designed to offer immediate relief from back, muscle and joint pain. Simply apply it to the painful area and you’ll immediately feel a pleasant cooling sensation followed by warmth and overall relief. The plasters contain a carefully selected blend of natural substances that perfuse the afflicted area, warm the skin, ease pain, eliminate bacteria and restore the natural balance in the body.


Capsaicin extract, nano powder emitting remote infrared radiation, essential oil of Valeriana Amurensis Smir, magnetic powder from rare earths.


Wash and dry the affected area, remove the protective cover and apply the plaster until it adheres perfectly. Remove after no more than eight hours.

Adults and children aged 12 and above: Apply to the affected place as needed, no more than three plasters per day for a maximum of 7 days.

Children under the age of 12: Use after consulting with your doctor.

Vzdálené infračervené záření

Remote infrared radiation

The main ingredient in these plasters is a rare nano powder that emits remote infrared radiation, which activates the cells in the body, stimulates the metabolism, reduces blood acidity, treats inflammation, boosts immunity and saves the body energy. Its properties mean that it quickly passes through the affected place, restores electromagnetic transmissions in the body and modifies the body’s natural balance.

Capsaicin extract

Another important ingredient in the plasters is capsaicin extract. This is a natural substance obtained from selected types of peppers. Thanks to its ability to dilate the capillaries, capsaicin improves the circulation, helps in the treatment of thrombosis and varicose veins, destroys bacteria, accelerates the metabolism, warms the skin, and soothes pain. It also has amazing healing effects on closed soft tissue wounds – e.g. swellings, bruising, haematomas.

kapsaicinový extrakt
Valeriana Amurensis

Essential oil Valeriana Amurensis

Ramissio Strips plasters also contain the essential oils of Valeriana Amurensis, a plant traditionally used in Chinese medicine for its soothing and antifungal effects. It also affects meridian activity, activates the blood and has anti-inflammatory analgesic effects.

Magnetic therapy

The overall healing effect of the plasters is also boosted by magnetic rare earth powder, which generate magnetism, enabling the other ingredients to quickly penetrate through to the affected area and ease the problem. The action of Ramissio Strips plasters is based on the latest findings in magnetic therapy. Thanks to all these effects acting together, Ramissio Strips plasters improve overall harmonisation and activate the self-healing processes in the body. The effect of these plasters is lasting, stable and highly effective.

Magnetická terapie

Ramissio Strips

Simply apply Ramissio Strips plasters to the painful area and you will immediately feel a pleasant warmth and relief. They contain a unique combination of natural substances which makes them 100% effective.


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