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Pusťte se do očistné kůry a zbavte své tělo nepotřebných a škodlivých látek. Detoxikační náplasti Ramissio Detox vám pomohou nabýt ztracenou rovnováhu a poskytnou úlevu unavenému organismu. Balení obsahuje 14 detoxikačních náplastí.
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Ramissio Detox

Cleanse your body and internal organs of harmful toxins

Ramissio Detox plasters help the body to speed up the natural detoxification process and harmonise blocked neural pathways in the body. Many centuries ago the people of East Asia discovered the beneficial properties of wood vinegar and also explored the use of reflex points on the feet. Knowledge of Eastern philosophy serves as the basis for the combination of substances contained in Ramissio Detox plasters, which can stimulate circulation, absorb harmful substances in the body, active life energy and soothe the tired body.


Bamboo vinegar, wood vinegar, vitamin C, Houttuynia Cordata Thunb, medlar leaf, chitin, lavender extract, dextrin, tourmaline.


Stick the sachet containing the extract in the middle of the plaster, which should then be placed on the necessary place, after washing it first. Leave the plaster to act for 6–8 hours, ideally overnight. May be applied not only to the soles of the feet, but to any affected areas, such as the neck, shoulders, elbows, back or knees. To enhance the effective, the plaster may also be applied to the appropriate reflex zone on the sole of the foot.


The way to inner purity

Our body accumulates harmful substances every day. This is due to an unsuitable diet, a polluted environment, overwork and stress. These lead to obesity, fatigue, irritability, poor physical fitness and insomnia. We often spend a lot of time trying to find the cause, without it even occurring to us that this could all be down to those toxins that build up in the body over time. It is therefore recommended to undergo a regular detox, which will restore our vitality, zest and energy and can help us to burn off excess kilos. Our liver is the main detoxification organ in the body and helps to continuously cleanse our body of metabolites (toxins). However, if there are too many harmful substances in the body, the liver cannot cope. If metabolites are not properly eliminated by the liver, they accumulate in the body. When the body is overrun with toxins, problems start to appear – first in the form of unobtrusive ailments, followed by acute illnesses and chronic problems. And there’s no wonder! During our grandparents’ time people consumed far fewer chemicals than we do today. Every single day we consume substances that are used in agriculture and the food industry – pesticides, herbicides, fungicides. Poisons that kill pests and that are withdrawn from the market every year because they are found to be carcinogenic. Foods also contain a lot of preservatives and other artificial additives. These are all chemicals that were not present in our ancestors’ diet. So, we cannot be surprised that our population is so rife with allergies, autism, fatigue syndrome and thyroid, metabolic and digestive disorders. Never in our history have we been so ill, yet our advanced health care system is generally unable to help us with these problems, as chemical drugs often do not resolve the root of the problem, but only its consequences.

Effective detoxification cure

Ancient civilizations intuitively devoted much more attention to cleansing their bodies than we do. In China people rid their bodies of toxins using herbs, massages, acupuncture and reflexology. The Indians of North and South America cleansed themselves during special ceremonies, with the help of shamans and their knowledge of herbs. Nations that lived close to nature knew that preventive purification as part of caring for and honouring one’s own body is the best way to stay healthy. If you’re someone who doesn’t have a lot of time for complicated diets and procedures, you’re sure to appreciate the chance to cleanse your body using Ramissio Detox detoxification plasters, which are based on the tried and tested principles of traditional Chinese medicine, with a history dating back more than 5000 years. Our Ramissio Detox cure should be taken at least twice a year, ideally in summer and in winter. In order to truly feel reborn, you should start to live a healthy lifestyle. During the detoxification process it is best to eat a light and balanced diet, rich in fresh fruit and vegetables. You should cut out all foods that make you feel heavy and tired. Food should give you energy and nutrients, not put you out of action for the rest of the day. So, try to eat sparingly and more often. Cut down on caffeine and nicotine and eat lots of vegetables, wholegrain bread and pulses. Be careful of greasy and fried foods, animal fats, smoked foods, sweet things and white flour. You should also drink fluids regularly. You should ideally drink at least 2 to 3 litres of fluids every day. However, things like sweetened water and coffee don’t count. It’s better to avoid those and stick to pure, uncarbonated water. Special herbal detoxification mixtures are also good for a proper drinking regimen. Don’t forget regular rest, either. There are other important activities that helps to cleanse the body, too. These include sport, massages (especially lymphatic massages) and saunas. These are all ideal ways of preventing harmful substances from building up in the body.


Precisely thought out ingredients

Ramissio Detox detoxification plasters combine the healing effects of wood vinegar, tourmaline, dextrin and other 100% natural substances, which cleanse your body while you sleep. Wood vinegar obtained from special tree species has been used since time immemorial in China to activate the whole body and rid it of toxins. It greatly helps toxins to pass through the cell membranes, thus enabling them to be eliminated more easily. The direct result of this is that it eases pain and swellings and rejuvenates the body as a whole. Tourmaline is a semi-precious stone, which is crushed and used in our plasters. It has an antiseptic effect and supplies the entire nervous system with cleansing and liberating energy, stabilising and purifying the body. It regulates the metabolism, has a beneficial effect on the lymphatic system, kidneys and bile secretion. Taking tourmaline removes blockages, improves the blood circulation and the metabolism. This also makes tourmaline effective in easing stress, improving mental well-being and strengthening the immune system. Another constituent is dextrin, which binds all the absorbed components and prevents them from passing back into the body. Made from the bodies of crustaceans, chitosan, when taken internally, improves liver function, dissolves sedimentary fat cells and eliminates heavy metals from the body.

How do detoxification plasters work?

Ramissio Detox plasters are very easy to use. Just stick the sachet containing the extract right in the middle of the plaster and affix the detoxification plaster to the affected area and to the appropriate reflex zone on the sole of the foot. The plasters draw on knowledge of the osmotic pressure in the cell, which is favourably influenced by wood vinegar, which allows toxins to be effectively eliminated from the body. The points on the sole of the foot are stimulated by the plasters, which makes the water oscillate and thus break down the molecules of the waste toxins faster. Those toxins are forced to circulate in the lymphatic system and are then excreted from the body. After 6–8 hours the detoxification process is complete and you just remove the plaster and throw it away. The colour of the plaster will change according to your state of health. People with health problems will find that their plaster is darker at first in the morning. With regular use the plasters will become lighter and lighter, showing the gradual improvement in your health.


Ancient natural therapy

Centuries ago the ancient herbalists and wise men realised that various zones and points on the hands and feet also affect other parts of the body. Reflexology is an ancient natural therapy, which uses the reflex zones on the hands and feet and provides relief from a wide range of illnesses, and also strengthens the body. In China it has been popular for thousands of years and is also a widely used form of therapy in Japan, Thailand and even in other parts of the world, including Europe, Australia and the USA.

Ramissio Detox

The soles of the feet are thought of as the second heart in the Orient, as roots are to the tree. Centuries ago the ancient herbalists and wise men realised that various zones and points on the hands and feet also affect other parts of the body and organs. The Oriental herbalists discovered the secrets of the trees and their power to preserve energy. After many years of research this key to human health has been discovered in wood vinegar and other substances, which are able to absorb toxins through reflex points on the soles of the human foot, which affect the entire body. This secret has been revealed and a new scientific approach to detoxification has been developed for the whole of mankind.


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