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20 Jun High blood pressure and increased sugar level

“I would like to take this opportunity to thank Ramissio that I can drink such wonderful medicine as Goji juice. I learned about this wonderful fruit in November 2011 at a lecture in Havířov. Before that time I had spent money on drugs and vitamins...

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20 Jun Digestive problems and diabetes

"Since the spring 2014 we both have been using all of the products of Ramissio supplements range. And honestly we both feel absolutely fantastic. Both me and my wife now know what works best for us and when. When I feel I sinned too much...

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20 Jun Diabetes

I have been diagnosed with diabetes and was regularly taking medication 3 x per day. My regular test results were 11 – 12. When I first heard about Ramissio Goji Berry Juice I couldn´t reject it. After only 2 months of regular use of Ramissio...

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