Our story

We believe that true beauty and health comes from harmony between the outer and the innerWe believe that true beauty and health comes from harmony between the outer and the inner

Is there a recipe for eternal youth? In our opinion, it is the knowledge of how to take care of your health and natural beauty. To help develop the potential of what our bodies can do on their own when given the right nutrition. We bring to the market nutritional supplements that charge the body from the inside and thus allow it to radiate outward.

About company

Since 2012, Ramissio has been developing unique natural nutritional supplements to support health and beauty without chemical additives. In their production we draw on the knowledge of Chinese traditional medicine and are inspired by the wisdom of ancient civilizations. Our formulas combine the power of exotic superfoods, medicinal herbs and fruits, vitamins, minerals and other valuable substances in one package.

Who is behind the Ramissio brand

Ramissio was founded by Vladimír Drozd, who has also been a creator of recipes for nutritional supplements and creator of healthy lifestyle projects for 25 years.

"Beauty is the inner light in the eyes that never gets old. To look into the eyes of the woman you love and feel her fulfilment and light is the shamanism of life. "

My vision is to live a long and healthy life full of vitality and to feel young. It is a joy to create a project and see my wife happy with herself, with her outer appearance and inner peace. A woman in joy then creates beautiful things and shows us men how to love.

I wish everyone to find their inner light. Always shine, that's Ramissia's motto.

Our mission and vision

Ramissio's mission is to promote the beauty and health of every woman and man and to spread this message. Beauty is not just about outward form, it is a reflection of our health, vitality and psychological well-being.

At Ramissio, we believe that beauty comes from within, from the very cells of our bodies. That's why complex products like Rays and Stymo have been created to nourish the body from the inside, and their effects are manifested on the outside. The result is a healthy body and mind that brings self-confidence and joy in life.

Every person who discovers and nurtures inner beauty is also a fulfilled and happy person.

Ramissio offers simple solutions for beauty and health through comprehensive products that are made with the environment and society in mind. With our products we wish to contribute to a better and more joyful life for all who choose to use our natural blends.


Health - Physical and mental health is the most valuable indicator of a happy life, and the way we live it is a major influence.

Self-confidence - The quality of our life is a reflection of the quality of the decisions we make based on our state of mind.

Self-Care - Taking care of our health and beauty brings a greater experience of life and deepens our relationship with ourselves.

Minimalism - Simplicity of thought and approach to complex situations is wisdom that does not bring complications into our lives.

Sustainability - By being kind not only to ourselves but also to nature, we can change the environment in which we live.

Team Ramissio

We encourage strong, confident individuals who share our values. Be inspired by their approach to health and beauty. In every country, you can entrust yourself to the care of wise and experienced women and men who have shared the Ramissio vision with us for many years.