Ramissio rewards programme

Earn credits as part of our loyalty program and get discounts on future purchases. For every 10 € order you get 1 € credit, then turn the credits you collect into exclusive rewards. Shop now and don't miss out on a range of benefits and rewards.

How it works

Collect credits

We'll credit your account not only for each purchase, but also for referring your friends and registering. Credits are always valid for 60 days.

Turn credits into discounts

You can then use the accumulated credits to get a discount code of any amount. The amount of the discount can reach a maximum of 50% of the total order price. Discount codes are valid for 60 days.

Recommend Ramissio

Tell your friends about Ramissio products and send them your unique code. If your friends enter it in the Discount Code section at checkout, you and they will get a discount - they in the form of a discount code, you in the form of loyalty credits

How you can collect credits

You will see the first credits in your account immediately after registration. More will be waiting for you every time you make a purchase on the e-shop.

Credits for every purchase

1 € credit for every 10 € of your order, double credit for multiple orders within 30 days


Recommend Ramissio

10% discount for you and your friends

Generate code

Get a discount on your purchase

Accumulated credits will open the door to special rewards. Get a discount code in the amount of your choice.


In the "Get Rewards" app in the bottom right corner, select "Choose your reward" after logging in.


Choose any amount you want to apply to the discount from your credits and confirm.


Copy the discount code and paste it into the Discount code box in the second step of the shopping cart.

Reward for referrals

Once you register, a permanent code will be generated that you can send to your friends or social media followers. Once they redeem the code at checkout during their purchase, we'll reward you and them with a 10% discount.

By entering your commission code in the cart when you place an order, your friends will receive 10% off one purchase. You will be credited for their order in your loyalty program account.