Rays Anti-Age Elixir

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Skin, hair and nail care for 1 month, 30 x 8g


A blend of 22 natural anti-age ingredients for beauty and skin health, this blend contains bioactive marine hydrolysed collagen, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10 and more to maintain a youthful look and feel. Try the raspberry-lemon flavored elixir and give your cells the best care.

Consume by: 28.02.2025

Softening of wrinkles
More elastic skin
Strength of hair and nails
Nourishment for skin and body
Skin hydration

Active ingredients: hydrolysed collagen 5000 mg , hyaluronic acid 80 mg , bromelain 40 mg , resveratrol 16 mg , beta carotene 15 mg , ceramides 60 mg , L. carnosine 160 mg , L. glutathione 20 mg , coenzyme Q10 15 mg , vitamin E 20.1 mg , calcium 75 mg , potassium 25 mg , iron 9 mg , zinc 7.5 mg , magnesium 50 mg , manganese citrate 7.5 mg , copper 1 mg , selenium 150 mcg , molybdenum 75 mcg , chromium 250 mcg , iodine 75 mcg

Inactive ingredients: microcrystalline cellulose , dextrose , citric acid , agave powder , sorbitol , natural berry flavour , silica , sucralose

8 grams (2 teaspoons dissolved in 300 ml of water) per day. Stir well before use. Care for a month (30 x 8g).


Health Benefits

5 000mg

Collagen daily




Vitamins and minerals


Natural ingredients


A beautiful appearance is not just the prerogative of youth!

This elixir of twenty-two perfectly blended ingredients contains premium marine collagen from sustainable Atlantic farms, ceramides, hyaluronic acid, coenzyme Q10 and other 100% natural, body-benefiting ingredients.

Give your body the care it needs and alleviate the signs of aging skin, gravity and atrophic wrinkles, hair loss and brittle nails.


As we age, the body produces fewer and fewer moisturizing ingredients, and its natural ability to keep the skin soft and supple decreases. Fortunately, these ingredients can also be offered to the body in the form of nutritional supplements.

Rays Anti-age contains not only collagen, which takes care of the elasticity and structure of the tissues, but also CERAMOSIDES™ phytoceramides, which hydrate the skin metabolically and protect the skin barrier.

Say goodbye to dry skin, wrinkles and redness and keep your skin supple and soft, regardless of age.


The exceptional combination of natural anti-age substances contained in the Rays elixir also affects the health and beauty of your hair and nails.

Premium collagen derived from sustainably farmed Atlantic cod is composed of amino acids that contribute to the formation of keratin. This protein makes hair healthier, stronger and faster growing. The combination with zinc also nourishes and strengthens the nails. They do not break, do not fray and remain beautiful in the long term.

Flexible body

In addition, the combination of premium collagen and other natural ingredients contributes to greater mobility in the long term and prevents the onset of musculoskeletal disorders at an advanced age.

The natural ability of type 1 collagen is also a post-injury regeneration and improvement of ligaments, thus supporting joint mobility. The internal use of marine collagen also has the effect of suppressing inflammation. Muscle health is taken care of by L-carnosine, which gives the body strength and endurance, breaks down lactic acid and helps with muscle fatigue.