Rays Premium Kolagen

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Care for 15 days, 15 x 5g

A blend for basic nutrition of skin, hair, nails and musculoskeletal system with orange flavour, containing bioactive marine hydrolysed collagen, turmeric and vitamin C. This synergistic combination of premium ingredients reduces the signs of aging, strengthens brittle hair, brittle nails and gives your body the care it needs.

Consume by: 28.02.2025

Softening of wrinkles
More elastic skin
Muscle and nail strength
Nutrition for the skin
Hydration of the skin

Bioactive hydrolyzed fish collagen 3750 mg, vitamin C 14mg, turmeric, citric acid, xanthan gum, sodium citrate, silicon dioxide, steviol glycosides

5 grams (1 sachet mixed in 200 ml of water) daily. Mix well before use. Care for 15 days (15 x 5g).

Country of origin: Portugal

This is a dietary supplement

Minimum durability until: 28.02.2025

Keep out of reach of children. Not suitable for children, pregnant and lactating women. Not intended as a substitute for a varied diet. Store dry at temperatures up to 25 C in a closed container.
If you suffer from hypersensitivity to any of the ingredients contained, do not take the product. If you suffer from any medical condition or are unsure whether you can take the product, consult
its use with your doctor.


Health Benefits

3 750mg

Collagen daily




Vitamins and minerals


Natural ingredients


Collagen, turmeric, vitamin C. The holy trinity in body, skin, hair and nail care.

Rays Premium Collagen contains a unique combination of collagen, turmeric, and vitamin C to reduce the signs of aging in your skin, soften wrinkles, and strengthen brittle hair and brittle nails.

Premium marine collagen from sustainable Canadian farms is one of the highest quality sources of collagen in the world. It benefits the health of skin, hair, nails, bones and joints. Turmeric acts as an antioxidant in the body and helps to promote healthy skin. It promotes immunity, longevity and good mood. Vitamin C replenishes the body with energy, necessary nutrition and promotes collagen absorption. Together, these ingredients work in perfect synergy to give the body the unique care it needs.


As we age, the body stops producing moisturizing ingredients and its natural ability to keep the skin soft and supple decreases. It is most effective to replenish these ingredients from within.

Marine collagen ensures tissue elasticity and hydration. Combined with turmeric, it helps keep skin healthy, promotes healing and regenerates tissues. Vitamin C nourishes these cells and gives them the vitality and energy they need. Say goodbye to dry skin, wrinkles and redness and keep your skin supple and soft regardless of age.


Premium collagen derived from sustainably farmed Atlantic cod contains amino acids that contribute to hair formation. It fights free radicals and can prevent damage to hair follicles. Last but not least, it nourishes the scalp and can prevent hair thinning.

Vitamin C nourishes these tissues and gives them health and vitality. Together, they work in perfect synergy and enhance each other's effectiveness.